Lehigh Valley Region AACA

Come Cruise With Us

 Bob Frey
 Vice President
Ron Heckman
 Ginny Bichler 
 Ed Dietrich
Board Of Directors
 Dave Schomp (2019-2020)
  Carol Dietrich (2019-2020)
Joe Bichler II (2019-2020) 
  Debbie Heckman (2019-2020) 
Troy Philhower (2019-2020)
  Warren Kitchen (2019-2020)
Committee Members
 Nominating Committee
 Charles Bauder, Bob Frey, Ed Dietrich
 Newsletter Committee
 Bob Frey 
 Historian / Photographer
 Carol Dietrich   [email protected]
 Ed & Alice Dietrich, Bob Frey
 Car Show Committee
 Ron & Debbie Heckman, Ron & Dottie Litwin, 
Putt Olson, Agnes Stacy, Dick Varga, and a lot of other members.
 Easton Heritage Day
 Willis Sigafoos, Ken Meyers
 Ginny Bichler, Ed Dietrich
 Christmas Party
 Cruise Nights
 Ron Heckman (Chairman), Rich Heater (Assistant), Debbie Heckman,
Putt Olson, Agnes Stacy, Dick Varga, Ginny Procanyn, Chip Kalnas,
 Willis & Gloria Sigafoos and anyone who wants to help. 
 Halloween Dinner Dance
 Refreshment Committee
 Warren Kitchen and a sign up list
 Hospitality - Sunshine

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events


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